Adopting A Cat – Ten Good Reasons Why…


Adopting A Cat – Ten Good Reasons Why…



This guest post has been written by Emily Parker who runs her own blog over at As you can see, she’s very passionate about all things related to Cats, including adoption. If you’ve read our post What Pet Should I Get?, You’d have noticed we didn’t really mention adoption, although I’m not sure why as it’s something we’ve done in the past.

However, Emily has brought up some great points and if you’re seariously thinking of getting a cat for a family pet, then read and consider the following. Adoption could be the answer…  

The Top 10 Reasons a Millennial Should Adopt a Cat

If you’re a millennial (born from the early ‘80s to early 2000s) here are some reasons why you should adopt a cat!

Because Millennials Aren’t Adopting Enough

The majority of millennials are choosing breeders over adoption, and the adoption industry is in trouble because of it. Millennials tend to buy rather than adopt by over 50 percent! Why is that? One reason is because some millennials think that a pet can safely stay at a shelter until it’s adopted. About 38 percent believe this! In truth, almost 3 million pets are euthanized each year. Even if this weren’t true, pets are still trapped in a shelter, needing a loving owner more than ever.

By adopting, you’re saving these poor cats from a miserable life.

It’s the Ethical Choice

Millennials are more conscious about animal welfare, which is a good thing! But ironically, they tend to buy from breeders than adopt. While not all breeders are bad, many kittens come from mills, where they’re forced to live in horrible conditions. To take a stand against mills, adopt!

They’re Already Prepared

If you adopt a grown-up cat, you don’t have to worry about the starting troubles that come if your cat was a kitten. Most cats in shelters are already chipped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and know how to use a litter-box. You don’t have to spend money you don’t have on your cat’s first year, which tends to be a lot pricier than the rest of its life. Adopting a cat will save you money and time.

Why Should I Adopt A Cat?

They Teach You Financial Responsibility

Millennials aren’t very good at budgeting. It’s understandable; when you’re young, you want to buy everything in sight. But knowing how to budget is a good life skill, and a cat can help you with that.

Even if you adopt, a cat is still going to cost you. Decent quality cat toys, litter, and food are just some of the things you’ll end up paying for. You’ll have to spend around $500-$1000 every year for your cat, and when you’re young, that’s a lot. 

But this can teach you how to budget and pay for everything, all while getting a fluffy feline in the process. With that said, don’t adopt if you don’t have the budget too. Many cats wind up in shelters for that reason.

They’re the Greener Alternative

Millennials should be concerned about their environment and make changes to their lifestyle in order to protect the planet. While owning a pet can make an impact on your environment, when compared to dogs, cats are a lot greener. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t own dogs, but consider owning more cats if you want to help protect the environment more.

Also, adoption in general, is greener, as the cats are already there and don’t need a breeder. Good to know!

A Cat Can Teach You Responsibility!

Millennials aren’t responsible. That’s what the generation above you claims. While every generation has been scrutinized by the previous one, you should learn how to be more responsible, whether you are or not. Let’s face it: when you’re college aged or just getting out of college, you may not be fully responsible just yet. That comes with learning about life. And what better way to do this than to adopt a cat?

It’s true that cats generally are easier to take care of when compared to dogs, but you still have to train them, feed them, make sure they’re getting enough exercise, give them attention, clean out their litterbox… whew! That’s a lot of things to do. As you’re figuring out how to be an adult, why not let a cat help you out?

Adopt A CatYou’re Giving a Cat a Second Chance

Being young, you crave second chances. You mess up at work, and you get fired without given another chance. Your friend stops talking to you because you use the wrong words. You bomb an exam because you misread the instructions. In truth, life doesn’t have too many second chances.

Fix that. Many of these cats need a second chance at life. Some were sent to shelters because their owners couldn’t afford to take care of them, and some were sent because the cat did something wrong. Whatever the case, by adopting, you’re giving a creature a second chance that you want as well.

They’re Good for Your Health

Millennials are actually quite health conscious. They eat healthier, get plenty of exercise, and realize that they should prepare both their mind and their body from the effects of aging. If you’re one of those people, I have good news: cats are good for you!

Owning a cat can benefit your body in many ways. A cat can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, and make you feel better. In these stressful times, a cat can be all it takes to keep you afloat. Owning a cat may help you live longer, so why not adopt one today!

Cats are Great Cuddle Buddies

When you’re binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix or playing the newest video game, why not enjoy this with a cat? An adult cat tends to make a good cuddle buddy. They’ll jump on your couch or bed and curl up next to you while you unwind after a long day. Cats work like that. You can cuddle to your heart’s content, which will make you feel better, too.

You’re Supporting Your Local Shelter

Millennials love to shop local. They want to support their community and give small businesses a chance, and that’s a good thing. By adopting, you’re supporting your local animal shelter, as well as giving local cats another chance. It’s a win-win for all.

Who am I kidding? These are reasons why anyone should adopt a cat. So if you have the time and budget, head over to your local shelter and get a new friend today. You’ll be glad you did down the road. 


Further Information

You can easily discover where your local animal shelter is by simply typing “my local cat rescue centre” into your search engine. However, if you need some help, here are a few recommendation, just to get you started.


Seeing that Emily is from Canada, it seems only right to include some of her recommendations too…

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue
                                (604) 879-7721


As you may well know already, here are two of the biggest animal charities in the UK, but please do not forget to search your local animal shelters too.


                                         0300 123 4999






Cats Protection                           
                                     03000 12 12 12




Please don’t forget that these are a few of the many centres and charities that have been set up to help animals find a new home. There are many more local to you, just use your search engine to find them.

Remember: As Emily has pointed out, adopting a pet is a huge responsibility and if you’re choosing a pet a pet for your child, there is a chance they will loose interest in it. Please do not take on this responsibility if you feel you are unable to commit to looking after the pet yourself.

Pets are great for the family, but they have feelings too!


Thank You

Once again, I’d like to thank Emily for taking the time to write and submit this guest post ‘The Top 10 Reasons a Millennial Should Adopt a Cat’ 

Her devotion to cats is truly amazing. If you wish to read other posts by Emily, please visit her blog over at


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