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Anybody that blogs or owns a website will know how much hard work it takes to get it together. These things don’t just happen overnight. However, you’ll also know that just because you’re a hard worker that’s dedicated to the cause, publishing loads of content won’t bring the masses to your website either.

Most bloggers will work together for a few reasons, building online relationships, generating traffic and getting their readers to trust their source. I am no different as this is the exact same thing I am looking for too.

So, If you would like to contribute towards this blog, please do get in touch.

What’s Expected?

I don’t ask for much, but you would need to consider the following…

  • It must be of a personal experience
  • Any products recommended are those that you have used yourself
  • Review posts must be written because you’ve been there and not because you’ve been told it’s good.
  • All content must be unique
  • You must own the copyright to any images provided.
  • Posts must contain no less than 2000 words
  • Any advice given must be stated as personal or professional
  • Facts and figures must be backed up
  • And you don’t even have to have children, for example, you could be an expert and write a post about keeping frogs and toads as a first pet. We would then link that from our post ‘Choosing your child’s first pet’.
  • A backlink to our site is seen only as courtesy,┬ábut it will not be expected.

What is Offered in Return?

I cannot offer any money in return but until then, here’s what I can do…

  • A small introduction to you and your site
  • You may add two affiliate links to your content. These must be products you have used, owned or places/holidays you have enjoyed with your family.
  • You will get two links back to your own website
  • You will be listed on our ‘contributors’ page so other people can see you’re available for work.
  • A great opportunity to network with other bloggers and parents!

So, if you wish to contact us and discuss any of the above, please feel free to get in touch.

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