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Fine for Taking Child out of School

Canvas Holidays

Fines for Taking┬áHolidays in Term Time. Cheap Family Holidays Cheap family holidays during term time have long been a temptation for many families that can’t afford them during the school holidays. But theses days, parents are asking themselves a combination of questions, from ‘what are the rules?’ to ‘is it really worth it?’

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Dummies – Soothers. What are your views?

Dummies - Soothers

Dummies – Soothers Dummies – Are They Needed? I recently got into a conversation with somebody about dummies (also known as soothers) and had to walk away before I said something that might offend! It’s been a bit of a bug-bear with me and my opinion is probably that shared by only fifty percent of other parents. But it has […]

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