About my Posts

My posts are based on personal experiences. They will offer an account of something either I have experienced or we as a family have experienced. I also know what it is like to be a parent for the first time, not knowing whose advice to take or what products offer the best value.

Therefore you will discover a little more about products we have used,  recommending those we found to be of great value, and advising you on ones we found to be expensive or don’t represent value for money.

I also like to be a little helpful too. So, you will find in most of my posts, a list of ‘useful Websites’ that have been researched and used, before being recommended to you, as a parent.

About My Links

Unlike some websites, I do not write posts to hide affiliate links. Sure, there will be affiliate links within most posts but they are limited to three per post. This may be to a product we have had, a place we have visited or a company we use on a regular basis. It’s how we bloggers earn extra money to feed our kids, pay the bills and get by in life.

All affiliated links will be marked with an *. If you discover any that have been missed, then please bring it to my attention and it will  be rectified immediately.


I am not a trained medic nor will I pretend to be. So, medical advice given on any of my posts will be from my own personal  experience and not as a qualified medic.


Some of the images I use are not my own. They are solely used for marketing purposes only and are not intended to mislead you.

I use sites like 101 Useful Websites, Free Digital Photos and Canva to source out such images.


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