#effitfriday – Cycling Helmets

Cycle safety helmet

#effitfriday – Cycling Helmets

Today is #effitfriday at moderndadpages.com which means I can have an official moan without being moaned at for moaning!

Although, saying that, I’ve not really done this for a while, however, this really got my goat!

Now, I’m quite renowned for carrying the boys on my shoulder. It’s something I’ve done with both boys and thankfully, not for much longer.

Some people will say it’s dangerous whilst others will think it’s lazy. I, on the other hand, will always say it’s quicker, particularly when they are tired.

This, however, is something I would call dangerous and damn right irresponsible and unless I had witnessed it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

The other night, whilst out and about delivering, a cyclised crossed my path at the zebra crossing. On his shoulders was a young child that couldn’t have been any more than 4-5 years old.

Whilst the young boy thought it was fun, doing his superman impressions as his dad cycled along the path, weaving in and put of pedestrians, I feel it was one of the more irresponsible things I’ve seen a parent do in a long time.

After Harrisons little bang to the head from falling off his trike, I dread to think of the injuries these two people could encore, should they be involved in an accident. And, as we all know from experience, accidents can happen at any time, regardless of who’s fault it is.

Why do some parents choose to ignore their responsibilities as a parent?

Case Study – This is true!

I realise sometimes I can be a little over protective. Since Harrisons bang to the head, I have been asked many times why the boys wear a helmet when they’re only on their trike/scooter.

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Well, first and foremost, seeing Harrison with such a big bank on the head made me realise a) how lucky he was not to have a worst injury and b) how easy it is to sustain a serious head injury from such a minor incident.

But then, after getting into a conversation with fellow parents at work, I heard this…

We were discussing how much things cost, how little children appreciated the things they received and how quickly they moved onto the next ‘in thing’ when my colleague told me about a lucky escape her friends son had whilst out on his bike.

This young boy kept going on at his mum for a Full Face Helmet to ride whilst out on his bike so that he could look ‘cool’ in front of his friends.

She held off asking him about an ordinary helmet because all she kept getting was ‘I want a Full Face Helmet.’ Looking into them, they were a lot more money.

With his birthday approaching, the Mother asked what he would like and once again, was met with ‘I want a Full Face Helmet, please, and I don’t mind going without other presents.’

After shopping around, she found it for 70% off the list price and brought it for his birthday. Good old mum!

A week later, the young boy was involved in an accident.

He was playing around with his friends on the pavement (on their bikes) when he lost his balance and toppled over. At the same time the young boy toppled, a car pulled over to park in the same spot, inevitably, colliding with each other.

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As the boy lay on the road, the car went over his head. His life was saved not because he had a helmet on, but because he had a Full Face Helmet on.

When they looked back at the incident on CCTV, the police, paramedics and all involved were amazed at how much protection the helmet had given the young boy and stated that had he been wearing an ordinary helmet, he would not have been so lucky.


Wear a helmet at all times.
Don’t put your kids on your shoulders whilst cycling
And if your kids ask for a full face helmet, ask yourself if spending an extra £30 is worth the life of your little one.


This post has been written to make people aware of the safety issues surrounding cyclists and safety helmets. Therefore, the links to Amazon on this page are not affiliated but for information only.

I am unaware of the make or model of the helmet worn by the boy but this link takes you to the style of helmet that was worn.

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