Who is Father Christmas?

Who is Father Christmas?

Who is Father Christmas?


Who is Father Christmas? – I would so love to meet him. According to my son, he’s the one that provides all the Christmas presents, and they’re all free.

This week, our funny quote comes after a conversation we had in the car, on the way home from a pre-Christmas shopping trip. But first, let me explain…

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that no two people the same, we are all individuals. We all learn to be independent, from a very early age, and if you’ve more than one child, you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from. In fact, we noticed our boys independence, developing from the age of nine months. 

When Joshua had finished with his bottles and accessories etc, we kept them ‘just in case’. After nine months of feeding, we moved Harrison onto the bottle and he just didn’t want to know. However, after a week or so of research, trials and errors, he finally settled onto a Nuk Bottle.

Since then, they have grown up to be the little independent boys they are today, from eating different things, wearing different things and enjoying different activities. And when it comes to outdoor activities, they are both so different to how they approach things. For example…

As we discovered on our holiday to Cornwall, when it came to bodyboarding, Joshua was straight in the water, on his bodyboard and away he went. Harrison, on the other hand, sat on his bodyboard, at the edge of the water, then went back with Mum, and made sandcastles for the rest of the day.

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But when it comes to things like bicycles and scooters, then the roles reverse. Harrison will get straight on one, fall off, get up, and have another go. Joshua, on the other hand, will have a go, fall off, and won’t return for a few months. 

Whilst we cracked it with his scooter, his bike stayed in the shed until eventually, it was outgrown. Although it hasn’t gone to waste, it was disappointing to see it sitting in a corner, redundant. 

Determined not to give up, this weekend, we went to Toys R Us just to see if we could persuade him to take a look at the bikes. Whilst I popped into Homebase, my wife took the boys into the shop and when I came back, I found Joshua sitting on a bike, having a go at cycling a very short distance, down the aisle. 

Both my wife and I were pleased that he had finally wanted to get back on a bike again, however, we did then think back to the day he got his first bike and the same sort of promises were left, echoing in our ears. 

Whilst we were happy, my wife and I still weren’t convinced. We needed to make sure this wasn’t just a case of liking it and wanting it, only for it sit in a corner, waiting to be outgrown so his brother can inherit it. Nope, we needed to make sure. So on the way home, we decided to ask a few questions…

“So Joshua, how did you feel on the bike.”

“Yes, fine.”

“Did you feel confident? Do you think you can ride it on your own?”

“Um, yes.”

It was the way that Joshua said, “Um, yes” that made my wife and I look at each other and think twice about whether or not we should buy it for Christmas. So I continued…

“Joshua, bikes cost a lot of money. They are too expensive to use once and then leave in a corner.”

“But Dad, you don’t have to buy it. I want it for Christmas.”

Both, my wife and I, looked a little puzzled then I asked him to explain himself. “What do you mean?”

“Santa is going to bring it, it’s free, remember?”

So, who is Father Christmas? I for one would love to meet him, especially if he’s going to give my son a bike, for free.

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  • Well that’s a very good point isn’t it? If Santa is going to bring it, all it’s going to cost is some elf sweat. Just a logical conclusion. Hilarious though. I hope the benevolent Santa finds his way to my place too! #ftmob

    • Martin

      Hi, Kyles,

      I’m going to be putting this theory to the test this year by putting a VW Camper on my Christmas list. Not like the one Harrison’s sitting in, but a real one. I’ve been wanting one since I sold the last one, 17 years ago.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment #ftmob

  • Ha ha it’s funny how they get hold of these ideas isn’t it! We are starting to have those conversations about what to ask Father Christmas for – our eldest wants some kind of dog that poos, and you scoop it up! Delightful. Becky x #ftmob

    • Martin

      Hi, Becky.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      That sounds suspiciously like Doggy Doo to me. If it is, you might be better off saying Santa couldn’t find it. We had to play it whilst our eldest was at school because it made him heave. When we did get to play it, we may as well have been playing frustration. If you don’t put the ‘poo’ in properly, it doesn’t work.

      Of course, that’s just our experience and other people may have a totally different opinion. I just hate wasting money on toys that don’t last.

      I’m not sure where the idea of free presents at Christmas came from. He’s seven years old and never said anything like that before.

      Thanks for commenting – #ftmob

  • Haha! Interestingly, my mum was saying something about that a while ago – she was saying that she always thought some things should be ‘from Father Christmas’ to maintain the fantasy, but not all, as it does tend to result in children failing to recognise the value of things or being able to take account of things like their parents’ circumstances and means because, yes, if it was from Father Christmas it would be essentially ‘free’ so why wouldn’t everyone get the same things & the same amount? #ftmob

    • Martin

      Thanks for stopping by.
      I totally agree. It’s almost like they’re limited to what they can have on their birthday but come Christmas, they can have what they want, because everything is free, due to the guy in a red suit.

      Thank you for your comment #ftmob

  • Haha! Absolutely brilliant! He’s got some great logic there!

    I wouldn’t trust this Santa fellow, he dresses in bright red and my mum always told me that red is a stop or danger sign! The bikes are probably dodgy! 😉 #ftmob

    • Martin

      Hi, Martyn, thanks for stopping by.

      I’d be quite happy to wave the theory to stay away from people in big red coats. Even more so if it means getting a couple of bikes for free!

      Thanks for your comment #ftmob

  • You’re very organised thinking about Christmas already! #ftmob

    • Martin

      Hi. Thanks for your comment.

      Before we had the boys, we used to save every month into what we called, a Christmas account. That was organised.

      It’s just ironic that now we’ve got kid’s, and need the money, we can no longer afford to save that far in advance. These days, with it being bonus payday, two weeks before Christmas, we find out what everybody wants, then it’s one mad rush to the shops, hoping they’ve not sold out!


  • Oh if only that was the way it worked! I quite like the idea of Santa providing the toys for free. I can understand his logic though! Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

    • Martin

      Hi, Louise.

      How can we complain when kids come out with sort of comments? It’s us that gives them the ideas! I so love the whole Christmas spirit when it comes to the kids. It’s what makes it.

      I think it would be great if Santa delivered too. It would save us so much money at Christmas time.

      Thanks for hosting #ftmob

  • Ha ha if only that were true hey? It is amazing seeing their own personalities develop isn’t it? They all have their own ways and their own likes and dislikes! Xx #ftmob

    • Martin

      Hi, Caroline.

      I find it fun watching them grow up with each passing day, I’m just never sure of what they’re going to come out with next.

      Thanks for your comment. #ftmob

  • that’s funny. I remember my youngest telling me something similar when he was 5. He also got a bike that Christmas but boy would it have been nice if I didn’t have to buy it? lol! Visiting from #momsterlink

    • Martin

      Hi, Michelle,

      Yes, it would be so nice if these things were free. Even cheap would help!
      Thanks for popping over from #momsterslink

  • If you find him, let him know thirstydaddy is looking for him also. I’ve got a whole list already from my daughter

    • Martin

      Hi, Jeremy.

      I sure will. And seeing that you’ve got a daughter, there’ll be enough to go around. Thanks for popping over. #momsterslink

  • Haha if only Christmas was free!! We have always told our children that yes, father Christmas will bring you presents but Mummys and Daddys have to send the money to father Christmas and then he chooses what to bring. That way we can express the importance of not asking for too much, of being realistic in what they can expect and also we can get some of the gratitude on Christmas morning instead of Santa scooping all the thanks!!! #momsterslink

    • Martin

      Hi, Laura

      That’s quite a good approach, We might have to introduce that to our kids. I’m not sure when they are going to get the hang of the idea that money doesn’t grow on trees!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. #momsterslink

  • If you find him, please can you send him around to our house as we could also do with some free toys! We used to tell the Tubblet that Santa bought toys with the money that we gave him so he could only purchase what we could afford. It got round the whole “free toys from Santa” thing and also meant we could talk about why some of her friends got more or less than she did. #momsterslink

    • Martin

      Hi, Mrs. Tubbs.

      A few people have said this now. I think it’s a great thing to introduce. Thanks for sharing.

      Thanks for leaving your comment and popping over from #momsterslink

  • Oh bless him they really are so innocent at this age and I guess if its free I best after Santa for a Mulberry bag this christmas, silly me. 🙂 Love it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again this week for another great round of #sharewithme

    • Martin

      Hi, Jenny.

      Yep! Oh so innocent. I’m just wondering how long it will be before Joshua asks me, Dad, does Santa really exist? Now that he’s at junior school, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

      Thanks for commenting. #sharewithme.

  • I have really been trying to explain the concept of money to my 5 year old lately as he seems to think that there is just an abundance of it coming from my purse….I think he has it confused with grocery store receipts. lol. I would like to meet Santa as well…maybe he grant my wishes. Thanks for sharing this with #momsterslink. ⭐️Trista

    • Martin

      Hi, Trista.
      Christmas is the time of year that the kids seem to be in a win-win situation. We can’t tell them ‘actually, Santa can’t afford it’ whilst at the same time, nobody wants the responsibility of telling them the truth!

      The only thing we can fall back on is the ‘good or naughty list’ but by this time, the boys are on their best behaviour.

      Thanks for sharing, commenting and hosting #momsterslink

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